Discover Yves Delorme

Since its creation in 1845, the luxury linen house Yves Delorme has combined Excellence, Savoir-Faire, Poetry, and Audacity; constantly renewed through its creativity for durable and vibrant craftsmanship.


Yves Delorme's style is both bold and sophisticated, thanks to their unparalleled mastery of manufacturing techniques. Yves Delorme's bed linen stands out for its quality and attention to the smallest details, made in French workshops with organic cotton grown according to the purest tradition.



Yves Delorme's bath linen, made from organic cotton, is remarkable for its softness to the touch, refined finishes, and elegant range of colors.


Home Accents

Yves Delorme's decorative accessories bring style and elegance to your interior. Each accessory is designed with quality materials, refined finishes, and timeless designs. Add a subtle touch of luxury to your interior with our cushions, throws, and scented range.